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Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Discover the top social sharing WordPress plugins to boost your website's online presence effortlessly. Explore user-friendly options for easy content sharing.

In the world of websites and blogs, it’s important to easily share your content on social media. This helps more people discover your website and engage with it. Thankfully, WordPress offers various plugins that make sharing on social media easier. These plugins not only make your website more user-friendly but also help bring in more visitors. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress, making it easier for you to choose the right one for your needs.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a popular and feature-packed plugin for sharing on social media. It lets you add social sharing buttons to your WordPress posts and pages. You can change how these buttons look and where they appear on your website. It also offers features like showing how many times your content has been shared, creating “click to tweet” boxes, and displaying social proof, which helps build trust.

Monarch by Elegant Themes

Monarch is a fantastic social sharing plugin created by Elegant Themes, known for their stylish WordPress themes. It makes it easy to add beautiful social sharing buttons to your website. You can put these buttons in different places, like a bar that floats as you scroll, buttons inside your content, or pop-ups. Monarch also gives you lots of options for customizing how the buttons look to match your site’s style.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Just as the name suggests, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is straightforward and packed with useful features. You can choose from various button styles, see how many times your content has been shared, and customize many aspects of how the buttons appear. It also has built-in tools for keeping track of how well your social sharing is doing and even allows you to schedule social media posts.


Shareaholic is a versatile and free social sharing plugin that does more than just add buttons. It recommends related content to keep visitors engaged and can even help you make money from your website. Shareaholic provides insights into how your content is performing and allows you to schedule social media posts for consistency.

AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share Buttons is a simple and easy-to-use social sharing plugin. It supports a vast number of social networks, so you can share your content far and wide. You can easily add sharing buttons to your website, choose how they look, and make sharing effortless.


Sharing your content on social media is vital for your WordPress website’s success. The best social sharing plugins we’ve covered in this article offer various features and options, whether you want in-depth analytics, seamless integration, or just straightforward sharing buttons. Pick the one that fits your website’s goals, and start using the power of social media to increase your website’s visibility and engagement.

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