About Us

We are here to pervade your mind and body through full entertainment as we are an online media company whose only motto is to provide more and more Indian exclusive entertaining content through kind of various stories, videos, and posters.

Do you all know what hypnotism is? Ohh!!! Whether you know it or not, let us explain to you elaborately here- “Hypnotism is what when you read out our blogs and stories, then you all find yourselves falling in love with us and at last got hypnotized.

We know certain questions are prevailing in your mind about us, so no need to wait anymore for your answer, we are providing you with some FAQs because your satisfaction is our first and last priority…!

  • What Is WatchUrDay?

WatchUrDay is an utterly fully furnished online platform whose first and foremost responsibility is to discover and make Indian stories worth sharing so that read by everyone. Our expertise team is there and is always busy collecting and creating the worth noticeable, inspirable, entertaining, and most importantly reality-based content to make you people fall down in love with us only.

“WatchUrDay Is With You To Make Your BUM Dancing With Loads Of Happiness”

  • What Exactly We Are Posting On WatchUrDay?

As we mention above, we believe in posting realistic content so that everyone can relate to it. We post videos, stories, articles, posters, and all that extra stuff that is worth sharing just to provide you top world-class entertainment.

“You Feel Satisfied, Means We Satisfied”

  • Want To Make Your Contribution To WatchUrDay?

Though we are having a very hard-working team who is belonging to different kinds of platforms such as advertising, journalism, and engineering and are working hard to make you entertain if you are interested enough to pay your contribution here then just make click here.

“Always Ready To Welcome Your Contribution… WAITING!!!”

  • Ohhh!!! Do you Want To Apply For The Full Type Program?

Talent is always welcome here. Just write to us at Varshika.jain@bumppy.com with your resume, area of expertise (like editorial, business development, sales, etc, or whatever it is) with your contact details. Don’t forget to include a cover note.

“What You Are Waiting For? Just Do It. We Are Ensuring You Provide a Very Good Platform To Represent Your Talent”

  • Something On Our Site Belongs To You. Want To Get In Touch With Us? No Worries.

Full credit and appreciation are always reserved for original creators at WatchUrDay. If you are not able to get your own credit or else you don’t want your content to appear on our site, just hit us a mail at Varshika.jain@bumppy.com showing your anger with a cute angry emoticon and we solve your grievance ASAP.

“We Are Here To Serve You 24*7”

  • Something At WatchUrDay That Make You Displease And You Do Not Like That? Just Write To Us.

If you want to dispose of some content in the garbage because it makes you annoyed or have some other problem with our content then don’t feel shy because you are free to share your views and ideas with us. Just write to us directly at Varshika.jain@bumppy.com. Also don’t forget to mention that particular URL of the article that you found stinking.

“Your Request Is An Order For Us”

  • Your Mind Is Generating Ideas And Certain Tips For WatchUrDay? Want To Share?

Leave a mail to us at Varshika.jain@bumppy.com we check it out promptly and try to execute it with us.

“We Are Always Looking Out For Mind-Blowing Creativity”

  • Hey! You Are An Adviser/Media Executive. Are You Interested In Shake Hands With Us In The Form Of a Partnership?

For advertising and content partnerships, write to us at Varshika.jain@bumppy.com and someone from our business team will quickly get in touch with you.